Panel Cold Storage Doors

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Cold and manufactured in accordance with the freezer room conditions.

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Sürgülü Kapı

Sliding and flap doors are used in cold rooms depending on the panel thickness.Case and wing thickness of flap cold storage doors has the same thickness with the panel used.Surfaces are rezpoduced same with the panel surfaces of different depending on the demand.Doors are polyurethane filled.

Non –bacterial impermeability is supplied with the gaskins used in door, suitable with food regulations.Door is produced with brushed or treshold depending the using place.Case merging detail is same with wall panels as mounted to panel or to wall.All lock and flap parts are exported.Flaps are escending type.

Emergency exit handle existing at the side of door , makes door to be opened from inside even it’s locked.Resistance cable is used to prevent sticking, at the freezed keeping room doors case.