Water Cooled Chiller

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Cold and manufactured in accordance with the freezer room conditions.

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Chiller Cooling
Cold water generators manufactured by Uysal Soğutma, from cooling injection-extrusion molds used in food and plastic sectors to cooling the extruded products such as nylon, plastic pipe, and cable etc; from chemistry-drug industry to all sorts of cooling and air conditioning fields in shoes manufacturing industry, have attributes which can respond the needs in a larger flabellum. The energy saving to b formed during producing cold water has an important meaning for the firms.
Cold water generators manufactured in the range of 1 500 000 kcal/h of capacity has been prepared consistently for our system, depending on the desired flow rate and temperature.
Because cold water generators have been manufactured according to the system and needs of the businesses to use them, the energy saved to be gained has also accompanied economical solutions.