Industrial Type Cold Storages Rooms

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Cold and manufactured in accordance with the freezer room conditions.

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Soğul Odalar

     Foods can be protected at desired temperatures in healthy and hygienic mediums/environments without losing its naturality by the cool rooms.Cold rooms that supplies many products to store, are used, in many places.Hotels, restaurants, bakeries, hypermarkets, meat and chicken slaughter houses, fish and sea products sector, food manufacturers and wholesaler, chemistry and drug industry, laboratories and hospitals, fruit and vegetable manufacturers, ice-cream sector, package food sector, fruit and vegetable processing companies, freezed food material manufacturing companies, biscuits, chocolate and similar products, milk and milk products, snack, chips products, ice-creams and eatable ice products, ferment, all kinds of food additive materials, baby’s foods, additional foods,special fooding purposed food materials, starch, natural and factorial dried food, drink powder, liquid and solid vegetable oil, olive oil, sugar, ready soup, puding, powder mixtures, mayonese, sauce, drink, flavour, bread and bread types, wheat, sesame oil, helva, grape- molasses, fast food, chewiing-gum, and pickle manufactoring all companies…


    Industrial cool storages differs with the product’s storing conditions and supplies more wider areas and high shelves , different from cold rooms.Supports wide storing adventage to companies having entegrated manufacturing or manufacturers with storages.UYSAL COOLİNG,gives techincal support for both choosing the type and mounting for industrial cold storages with all details.